Climbing to the top with pure, crisp digital music. This trendsetting station opened on June 1993 with upbeat-pop music targetted for the youth
and “People-on-the-Go” audience.magic (2)

Playing generally fast new songs, this station rivals the best the world that can offer and technically holds some Phillipine firsts:

Audiometrics CD carts, TAscam DAT’s and the Phillipines first digital audio computer..
The arrakis Digilink DL2 guarantees crystal clear and digital music. Even promos are digitally mastered into the compter system.

– Sonic signatures is carved via the world’s best digital audio processor… the Orban Optimod 8200/E3S.

-A Harris (IL, USA) Platinum PT5.5 kw solid state digital ready FM transmitter with digital exciter connected to a 6 bay antenna system, blankets the entire
Zamboanga Peninsula with 20 kilowatts ERP of unadulterated digitally generated music.

Its all CD And DAT library contains all major hit songs since the 70’s. aside from Promo CDs of the local record labels KillerBee 95.5 updates ittsw library
every week via weekly CD must programming services like Radio Express “Hit Dics” and RPMS “Top Hits, USA” Thompson station is a member of the Disco Mix
Club (DMC) based in London.

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