Company Profile GBPITV11

Golden Broadcast Proffessional Incorporated (GBPI TV11)is a Zamboanga’s clearest and strongest TV channel.
With an NTC authority to use 5 kilowatts transmitter granted on march 17, 1992; GBPI Tv11 operates using the city’s firstsolid state BTSC Stereo Tv Transmitter.

A 4 Bay panel TV antenna system coupled to a 260 ft. self supporting broadcast tower blankets the entire Zamboanga peninsula with a potential 20 kilowatts ERP Tv signal.

Transmitting from the highest point at the center of downtown Zamboanga City; GBPI TV11 has the best equipped ” Live-on-Air” studio, and has the capability for outside broadcast.

This station is equipped with a 5 meter fiberglass TVRO system which can pull in any satellite signal within footprint view.

As an affiliate of the Associated broadcasting Corporation ( TV5 manila), it time-shift relays TV5; entire world class programming and supplements these with local news and independent productions.

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